Vellano Village

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This week I had a wander around the hill-top medieval village of Vellano in Pescia.  Here are some images I captured:

This is part of a panoramic view from the cafe/restaurant Bistrot Vellano.  I highly recommend a visit for refreshments.


Outside this wonderful old church I found a scattering of flower and plant pots. For a moment my mind was adrift in the mixture of smells and colours against the stunning backdrop.







This was the first time I’d ever seen a platted olive tree.



View from the church.


Another, very small, village church.

small-church-door way




I knelt before the altar to take this picture of the ceiling. This was a first for me.




I have fallen in love with this old stone basin. It appears to have George cross shields carved into the pattern.



large pot of flowers, Vellano


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