The Puccini family home, now a museum is located in the hill-top village of Celle dei Puccini, Pescaglia, in the province of Lucca.  The museum is free to enter (donations welcome), and one usually has to ask for ‘Barbara’ in the village to open it up to show you around.

Barbara will describe in detail every room and its contents so one will get some sort of feel of how the Puccini family lived.   Giacomo was certainly surrounded by inspirational and picturesque views when staying in this quaint village home.  Puccini memorabilia is on display for purchasing.

See slideshow below to see images of the museum:

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    • @Garnet, you will find this throughout Italy. One can see houses that are completely rendered/plastered inside and out, some expose part of the original stonework as a feature, and others show the stone completely. Not much of an expert in this field, but I do know that the material (lime?) used on these walls are different to what is used on modern houses thus allowing the stone to breathe; otherwise the wrong material can cause dampness. (a must for a future article topic)

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