Stiappa- Sagra del Beccutino

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The quaint village of Stiappa held its annual ferragosto festa – ‘Sagra del Beccutino on Sunday 15th August 2014.

Stiappa is one of the 10 villages that form le Dieci Castella (the 10 castles) in the Pesciatina valley (also known as Svizzera Pesciatina – little Switzerland).  Normally the village is quiet, however, like many of these Tuscan hill villages,
they come alive during the summer months, and especially during the festa.

Here is a post on 2015’s event

1 2 IMGP4561

Stunning backdrop of the village of Pontito.

Backdrop Village of Pontito, Pescia
IMGP4563 IMGP4564 IMGP4566 IMGP4570

There’s just something about butch mountain men wearing flowery pinnies
Sagra del Beccutino - Burgers

IMGP4574 IMGP4575 IMGP4576
IMGP4580 IMGP4582 IMGP4583 IMGP4584 IMGP4585 IMGP4589This joyful & friendly bunch made my day by happily posing for a few snaps.

Amore:-)IMGP4663 IMGP4695


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