The frst mention of San Quirico village dates back to the 10th century when its church was documented. During the medieval period its inhabitants had a long and bloodied fight with nearby castles, especially Castelvecchio, which as the time belonged to Florence. At the end of the 14th century, and only a few of its inhabitants remaining. The republic of lucca trying to increase the castle population, offered a 10 year tax free policy to anybody who wanted to settle there. More history on its way.

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  • My partners name is Fontana his great grand father was Quirico Fontana his his great grandmother was Cherubina Pellegrini born in pescia

  • Hi Susan,
    Do you live in the San Quirico area year round or just part of the year?
    I will dig up some old photos and send to you.
    I am planning to go there possibly this next September for a wedding, tentative for now will decide in the next month or so.
    Take care

    • Used to be all year round. I’m in the U.K. and will be back as and when I can. Most likely next year cos of Covid. I’ve a home there so can’t wait to get back.
      Currently working for the vaccination programme so it’s been an interesting time of late.
      Hope you manage to make the wedding, it’ll be lovely for you.
      Thank you kindly for the photos, Can’t wait to see them.
      Take care

  • My parents were born in San Quirico and left after end of WWII and emigrated to Venezuela and later to the United States.
    Sd a child, I visited my relatives there and have wonderful memories. I also now visit there every few years with my husband and daughter.
    There is something magical about the place and history!! San Quirico touches my heart !!

    • I love San Quirico, it’s such a peaceful setting. My house is not far from that village so I’ve gone often. Have you old photos of SQ you’d like to share? I come across lots during my travels. It’s fab to see how these places haven’t changed that much, just the people and their dress.

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