Sagra del Beccutino

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Ladies serving Beccutini.

Stiappa held its 35th festival of the Beccutino this summer, here are some of the images I captured.  Here is my post from last year‘s event





Sagra del Beccutino 35 poster


Stiappa men in pinnies

Those butch mountain men in pinnies again.  Love it!

Italian men wearing pinnies




2-old-men-sitting in Stiappa piazza


Old man and woman kissing, Stiappa

BEAUTIFUL! I photographed this lovely couple (Ella and Mario) in the piazza; Ella left France when she was young to be with her husband here in Italy. On the morning I was taking photos outside her home at 7am, she greeted me in French. Her homeland is still close to her heart..

Long time friends sitting on a bench

Ella and Mario with friends Sergio and Wanda.


My daughters.


The piazza with music, games, stalls and refreshments.


Bikers in Stiappa

Cyclists made a visit en-route.  Renzo Tori talking with Publio Biagini, writer from nearby Vellano.

Children sitting in Stiappa


children talking in Stiappa


Stiappa Old-ladies sitting-in-row


Local Polizia standing talking


little girl walking through a tunnel, Stiappa


view from street balcony

Ella and Mario’s balcony.

Stiappa-Misercordia workers

La Misericordia.

little girl sitting on an old step



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