Renault Megane Stunt in Tuscany’s Picturesque Medieval Village

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In Hollywood, its expensive and timely to pull off this sort of stunt. However, here in this peaceful medieval village of Sorana, all this Renault Megane driver needed to do was park atop a Tuscan hill, leave the hand-break off, and turn in for the night.

One can only imagine the driver’s shock when awoke to an empty drive!  Thoughts of calling the police subsided as further inspection of the crime scene proved evident that the car was not stolen at all.  And with a mind of its own, broke through the cement barrier and tumbled down the 415meter high mountain, only to be stopped in its tracks by……’a little brave tree’.

In their quest to rescue the car from impending destruction,  quick thinking locals tied the car to numerous tree trunks in the olive grove above. I’m no expert here, but  have seen a lot of movies;-),  and with my dramatic sense of mind, those ropes failing could result in the car exploding in the valley beyond.   Here are more images to give you a better sense of its precariousness:-


The craic in the piazza is, to air-lift the Megane via a helicopter would cost about 15,000euro – ouch!  Other than that, the alternative is to remove it piece by piece.

As much as I would love to see a helicopter hover over this beautiful Tuscan village, giving me a fabulous photography opportunity, sadly I think the driver is going with the latter.  Wouldn’t you?

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    Thanks:-) Helen, the car was removed earlier today; no helicopter or in bits. A lorry with a crane dragged it out, and i’m just sorry I missed the event:-(.

  2. Helen
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    That vid is FANTASTIC! Cant believe it didn’t actually hurtle down that steep hill & blow up! Thanks for sharing! Is the car still there?

  3. Nick H
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