This week we feature the beautiful Tuscan village of Casoli in the mountains of Bagni di Lucca.

Casoli, Bagni di Lucca, Tuscany Villages


brown-door-arch-window-bagni di lucca



Casoli, Bagni di Lucca, Tuscany Villages




I loved this scene so much I used it for one of the Tuscany Villages Notebooks. The notebook can be seen and bought here


tuscany villages rooftops in Casoli




The design on this 1541 door surround is beautiful. Nearly 500 years old.







This is such a fab idea for up-cycling Andirons that are no longer needed for the open fire. I have placed a stuffa into my fireplace making my pair redundant so I must thank this proud gardener for the idea.




A pair of demijohns decorate the side of this Tuscan village house.


Casoli's quaint church/chapel.


 I'm in love with the pattern in this glass. I don't normally see it here the Tuscan mountain villages.



An old laundry block beside a mule track leading in and out of the village. Can you imagine riding your mule up and down these steep steps back in the day??? It would be such a laugh trying.



An old knocker.



I love it when the village retains its old weathered doors. Modern doors are never the same in rustic villages like this.


Have you been to Casoli? How did you find it? Please feel free to leave comments, I'd love to hear from you.

Thank you for visiting.


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  • How fabulous to stumble across your eloquent blog.. and what I lovely surprise to see my gorgeous little mountain house starring in three of your pics! I’ve been unable to visit for a few years due to COVID etc, but am looking forward to returning soon.
    I’m intrigued to know which of the houses is the Mariani one…
    Thank you for your beautiful images and words 🙂

  • Hello Susan, I came across this searching family tree history. My name is Daniel Mariani. My father grew up in Casoli. The 500 yr old door you have pictures of is of my father, now my home! My father was Guiseppe Mariani and my grandfather was Ferrucio Mariani. Please let me know your connection to Casoli.
    Dan Mariani

    • Oh wow Daniel, I’m glad you have kept the home in the family. Have you old images of your family at that house? Sometimes I come across these, many sit on the doorstep. I visited Casoli once, my friend was staying at a beautiful holiday home. I have a home in Pescia.
      Lovely hearing from you.

  • Lovely photos Susan. We have visited Bagni a few times to stay with friends but we have never ventured into Casoli. I will put it on the list of places to go when we visit next time.

    • Thanks Linda for visiting my blog and I’m so glad to have helped inspire part of your next Italian visit. In 2018 I will spend some more time in Bagni, their villages are stunning.
      Take care,

  • Hello Susan. I’ve come across your blog as Selene shared it on social media.

    This part of Italy looks beautiful. One of my favourite countries. I like how taking pictures of such simple things really shows the character of the place. Do you know roughly how old some of the things are, the little green door maybe? I’m wanting to get into photography myself and seeing people doing things like your doing here makes me want to go out and do it more. Great work!

    • Hey Ryan, thanks for posting!

      Yes Tuscany is certainly a beautiful place, one of the reasons I live and work here.

      Sometimes I can learn the history and stories behind some of the places and houses but often its quite difficult to get the information. In the winter the villages are less inhabited as most home owners come for the summer and festas only. It all depends on how much I want to spend researching a place. It is lovely to get some history though. Usually a local is always happy to talk and give you some information or at least their version (truth or fiction, you decide;-)).

      Many doorways have dates on them, other dates have either weathered away or were destroyed during the occupation of the nazi’s during WW2. There’s lots of dilapidated properties left by this period and sadly they may never see a restoration project because of the costs.

      I’m glad Ive inspired you. Keep me posted on what you decide to do. Good luck and thanks for visiting.

  • Oh yes, lovely images. I haven’t been much in that part of Tuscany yet. You may find it hard to believe but we have replaced our fireplace with a stufa as well very recently, so thank you for the idea what to do with the spare parts. 🙂

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