Its wonderful to see creative people inspiring one another, resulting in some of the most stunning of works.   So when Scott stafstrom, visual artist, muralist and sculptor requested my photos for inspiration for his next painting, I was ever so delighted.

Scott filmed his creation from the start as he merged the 2 photos together, and ending in this beautiful painting  shown below:


Oil painting ‘Tuscany Village’ by Scott Stafstrom.

The highest point in this hill top village has the best view of the warm Tuscany landscape below. The flowers are blooming and the slow pace of this late afternoon day in the Tuscan sun is mesmerizing. Stop and smell the flowersand watch them being created along with the rest of this traditional oil painting. Enjoy!

– Scott stafstrom

You can find his blog at

Both villages used are Pontito & Vellano, 2 of the 10 medieval villages that form ‘le dieci castelli’ (the ten castles) as part of Pescia town. The mountainous valley is known as Svizzera Pesciantina (Pescia of Switzerland) as it resembles that of a little Switzerland.

Photograph 1

Vellano Roof-tops and Church, Svizzera Pesciatina

Photograph 2

Tuscany Village, Vellano, Svizzera Pesciatina

The finished painting:

Tuscany Village Painting – Vellano & Pontito

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