This weekend I took my daughters to Lanciole, Pescia for a peaceful walk around.

Mini Me & Mini-Mini Me posing outside one of my fav doors

Mini Me & Mini-Mini Me


My favourite door

My favourite door, Lanciole, Pescia


Mini-mini me studying the italian-English Dictionary

Mini-mini me studying the italian-English Dictionary

It was a Sunday, therefore the church was open, thus I snuck inside for a quick peak.   What surprised me was this gruesome statue, how anyone could sing songs of praise with him towering over you is nobody’s guess.


Gruesome Statue Lanciole

Tried to wrap my arms as neatly as this around my own head, but failed miserably.

Gruesome Statue Lanciole

Isnt marriage scary enough without him joining you on your blissful day….. eeek!

Gruesome Statue, Lanciole

IMG_1037 (800x531)

Here are more statues from the church in Lanciole, pescia

IMG_1044 (589x800)

IMG_1043 (436x800)

IMG_1042 (573x800)

Statue, Lanciole Church

IMG_1039 (448x800)

Statue, Lanciole Church

Outside the Church

Lanciole Church, Pescia

Bell Tower, Lanciole, Pescia

Found this old withered door and unique knocker. Sorry, my ipad wasnt able to pick up all the detail…

Old Door Knocker, Lanciole, Pescia

It was time to head off home.

Lanciole, Pescia, Tuscany

Steep steps, Lanciole, Pescia


It was a pleasant day, and we got fit in the process;)


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