Great news! The Tuscany Villages brand new collection of deluxe greeting cards is now launched.

From a photograph to a beautiful print, my pictures of Tuscany can now be sent as greeting cards for the perfect treat to send to your friends and family. Below you can see Tuscany Villages first instalment:

This image was taken in the village of Sorana, where my I first lived with my baby as a struggling single mother. No money, my water well ran dry, the banks breathing down my neck and with no grasp of the Italian language. I wasn’t singing the Dolce Vita for a while and I could have easily drank a Tuscan vineyard dry each time I dealt with the local commune. It was, however, the start of an amazing journey of challenges to get to where I am now. I’m a much stronger and happier person because of it:-). (Although my Italian is still a bit naff!)

Rose Scented Pathway Greeting Card

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Imagine sitting on this balcony with a glass of wine whilst taking in the valley view from the village of Vellano.  Every year the owner makes a special effort to decorate their balcony with beautiful flowers and this particular year I couldn’t resist snapping them with the laundry too.

Balcony Flowers and Laundry Greeting Card

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This door can be found on the outskirts of Castelvecchio. Again, the owner of this home takes outstanding care of his garden and surrounding land. Its always a pleasure to walk past on nature walks.

uscan Door and Flowers Greeting Card

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A little street in the village of Greve in Chianti. I love how the yellow and salmon pink tastefully blends in together. I was passing through on my way home from Sienna and I’m so glad I made that stop.

Greve in Chianti Greeting Card

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The village of Vellano, one of my favourites in the Pescia valley. The ‘Balcony Flowers and Laundry’ scene came from this village.

Vellano Village Greeting Card

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I captured the village scene of Pietrabuona just after rainfall when the mist was rising. I pass this village often to reach my home and no matter what the weather is, its still stunning.

Vellano Village Greeting Card

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A quintessential scene of a Tuscan countryside in Sienna.

Pots and Flowers, Siena Greeting Card

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Off the beaten path Stiappa is a very photogenic village with so many intricate streets and tunnels. I’m so glad I captured this scene on laundry day:).

Village Piazza, Stiappa Greeting Card

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Ahhh I remember this street. The lady whose house I took this photo from was ever so nice. She’s from France and met her Italian husband who returned with her to Stiappa to settle. She introduced herself in French. As languages don’t seem to penetrate my skull, we got by in the few words I remembered from school french lessons and the few I know of Italian.

Tuscan village Street, Stiappa Greeting Card

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My 8 year old daughter was my first customer who wrote this lovely message to me. Too cute x

Used Tuscany Villages greeting card

Tuscany Villages Greeting cards can be purchased in our Tuscan shop,on Etsy and at the Italymagazine.

All card purchases will be processed and despatched promptly.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and please feel free to leave a comment as I’d love to hear your thoughts on my new collection.

Have a GREAT week,

Susan x

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  • I ordered a collection of these from Etsy last week and they are stunning. I’m currently browsing your lovely blog and you giving me so many wonderful memories of my holiday there 6 years ago.

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