On the night of 5th March 2015, Italy was hit by a fierce storm causing widespread destruction.

fallen tree Aramo cemetery

 Extremely high winds in Tuscany resulted in damage to property, power supplies, in some places changing the landscape. Trees that formed the familiar face of the hills were snapped and torn by their roots from the ground.

Here in the Valleriana, electricity was off for almost four days.  Many people resorted to either moving away for a few days or utilising candles.

Below I captured just a tiny fraction of the damage caused at the Aramo Cemetery.

fallen tree Aramo cemetery

Cemetery fallen tree Aramo

Poor Maria

gravestone  cemetery Aramo


Cemetery fallen tree Aramo


Cemetery Aramo, Pescia, fallen tree, gravestones

The wood from the fallen tree has been logged and left opposite the cemetery.  This is a very common sight throughout the Valleriana since the storm.

logs outside Aramo cemetery

 From outside the cemetery, a wonderful view of Sorana.

Sorana in the background at Aramo cemetery

The road out of Aramo shows more devastation.

road leading out of Aramo, Pescia


Woodland Aramo, Pescia

I saw a path leading into the woodland and took a peak to see what I could find. I found this delightful dilapidated building amongst slanted trees.

Woodland Cottage, Aramo, Pescia


Sorana can be seen through the remaining trees.

Aramo woodland, Sorana in background


Another day, another adventure.

Aramo sign, Pescia

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