Enchanting Villages Images 06

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Welcome to this week’s enchanting village images.


This ‘cat in the box’ is just sooo adorable. I found him in the village of Calemecca up in the Pistoia mountains (Montagna Pistoiese). He didnt seem homeless, and it looked like the owners had placed the box outside their home for him/she to rest in.



A typical set of village steps that wind up the village of Pontito


As always I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did snapping them and look forward to hearing your comments.




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  1. TuscanyVillages
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    Cheers Cathy! Yes, ‘cat in the box’ was certainly cute:-)

  2. Cathy
    | Reply

    Absolutely Susan. Thank you for sharing these fabulous images. I particularly like the cat in the box 🙂

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