Enchanting Village Images 07

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Here’s the next installment of enchanting Tuscany village images. These all were taken in the quiet and historical village of Stiappa, Pescia, in the Pistoia region:


Can you just imagine the stories that lie behind those old doors and windows???
Another old door in Stiappa, Pescia
Entrance into the village of Stiappa.
There were quite a few of these tunnels in the village. I love the old stonework in this particular one. Imagine how many footsteps throughout the centuries contributed to the worn paving.
This lovely and friendly lady that I met was busy sweeping outside her house and as I left the village after my photography session, I found her yet again sweeping the entrance to the village. She said that the Comune had stopped cleaning the village years ago, and if she doesn’t, no one will. What a gem she is!


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