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What a GREAT summer!  After giving birth to my second daughter Matilda in March, I eventually found some quality time during this summer in which to venture  further afield and take some wonderful snaps of interesting villages.
Therefore, welcome to the next installment of enchanting village images:

I’m always left wondering what stories of time lie behind these characteristic old doors, don’t you?



A couple of Italians keeping cool in the shade during the summer heat. After a few hours of making my way up the village snapping photos, I wanted to join em!


The house middle right may just sit dilapidated forever. Its one of hundreds (if not thousands) that has never recovered from a blast/or fire during the last war). I think it gives the village some character….. and a story to tell.


This was one of my favorite set of houses in Pontito. The owner has certainly looked after the facade and plants.


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