Welcome to the 2nd round of enchanting Tuscan village images:


The village of Buggiano, Pescia, Pistoia. Cypress trees march their way up manicured terraces to be greeted by a jubilant crowd of village houses.


A closer look at Buggiano’s bell tower and working clock. The occupants of this nearby house will never loose track of time.



Steps leads up into the old working bell tower, which has served time to the inhabitants of the medieval village for centuries.


Bell tower, Sorana, Pescia. Wondering if the occupants in the neighbouring property are now slightly deaf???



An old Tuscan window awaits the magic touch of a restoration project.

A village house bares the scar of old Tuscan brick, its windows are the eyes on the street.


Once again, I do hope you loved these snaps as much as I do in taking them.

If these posts leave you feeling inspired, and wanting to pack your bags and head for the Tuscan hills, then please feel free to leave a comment below, I would love to hear from you.  Otherwise I’ll just see you when you get here;-).

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