Cute 2 year old stops to chat to one of the locals

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Ever since I was pregnant with my eldest daughter Lily, she’s been travelling around Tuscany keeping me awesome company.  She’s been there while I discover, photograph and film some of Tuscany’s medieval gems.

After being pretty cool and ever so patient with me for so long, I thought it time she made her début.  So on this particular day, while out filming a village, I suddenly turned the camera on her to see what both of us could come up with.  This is some of that footage caught on camera.   Hope you enjoy!

Lily pushes her buggy through cobbled streets, past old stone houses and bares witness to the remnants of what was once the family home of generations past.   She stops  in a narrow street to chat with one of the local ladies. 

Although Lily is only 2.5 years of age, she’s certainly TuscanyVillages biggest fan.

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I'm a English photographer and mother living in a quaint medieval village in the hills of Tuscany, Italy. Almost every day I find myself lost in the stunning landscape and architecture of these ancient settlements. I try and portray this beauty through my images, in hope of transporting those browsing to a more peaceful and tranquil place.

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2 Responses

  1. Ray
    | Reply

    Fantastico, Susan
    Trouble with your film is it makes me so jealous of your area, your daughter is a delight,

    • Susan Heslington
      | Reply

      Ha, lovely place eh! She is, that was taken when she was about 3 years of age, now she is 7. The whole village fell in love with her after arriving at 9months old.

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