Collodi is best known for the author of the ‘The Adventures of Pinocchio’ Carlo Collodi.

From the splendid facade of villa Garzoni, step filled streets wind through the steeply rising 12th century medieval village.   Atop is dominated by the ancient rock and the church of San Bartolomeo, begun in the 13th century, many times altered and housing 15th century frescoes and terracotta statues.  Spilling down the hillside and into the theatrical garden Garzoni, a sloping spot made use of with a series of dramatic Baroque staircases and accompanying marble statuary.

In 1786, the garden was re-designed by the architect Ottaviano Diotati in collaboration with Romano Garzoni. Featuring an open air theater, pools, waterfalls, statues and a maze, made more colourful in spring and summer when flowers are in bloom. Remnants of the walls at which once surrounded the castle can still be seen.

Walking around the characteristic village, I can simply see where the writer got his inspiration from.

Collodi boasts 3 attractions: Villa Garzoni & gardens, Monumental Park of Pinocchio, which was designed to exemplify the story of the puppet, and the Butterfly House.

‘When you wish upon a star’ was the song used in the original ‘Pinocchio’ movie by Walt Disney in 1940.

Special thanks to Steve Ambielli for allowing me to use this beautiful track to help illustrate this fairytale village.  For better viewing, play video in HD full-screen.


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  • Really nice idea this site, I think there is a lot to be said for these small hill top villages and a lot of people miss out when visiting italy and only visit the obvious tourist attractions, these places are where you get the real feel of life in italy, maybe its more of a slowtravel thing

    • Heya Richard – I totally agree! There’s so much of the real culture out in these off the beaten path villages. They are just as rich in history and beauty as the popular tourist destinations, one of the main reasons for starting the site…well that and the fact I fell in love with their sheer beauty and magnificent surroundings. Its been quite a delightful hobby thus far:-). Have you much knowledge of the history of your village? Do telllll!!

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