Enchanting Village Images No.8

Everyday I see many historical and architecturally breathtaking doors like this. Very few are quite so green.  Sorana Village, Pescia.   Castelvecchio, Pescia   Sorana, pescia   After the rainfall. … Read More

Shutter Opens on a New Era

There was a mixture of joy,  anxiety and sadness as both my little girls started asilo (nursery) today. Dressed in their grembiuli (school aprons) they held hands and happily set … Read More

Enchanting Village Images

Look at all these cobwebs in this cellar…eeeek! 3 years ago the owner of this old house gave me wood that was stacked on those wooden racks in exchange for … Read More

Enchanting Village Images 07

  Here’s the next installment of enchanting Tuscany village images. These all were taken in the quiet and historical village of Stiappa, Pescia, in the Pistoia region:     Once … Read More

Enchanting Villages Images 06

Welcome to this week’s enchanting village images.   This ‘cat in the box’ is just sooo adorable. I found him in the village of Calemecca up in the Pistoia mountains … Read More

Vintage Vicopisano, Pisa

  Scenes of Vicopisano’s past.  Most of the images were taken during the 1960’s: THE FLOODS After heavy rain on November 4th 1966, the river Arno burst its banks and … Read More

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