Cat in a window, tuscany. Buggiano

An elegant cat poses in an elaborate Tuscan window.

A lovely setting in the village of Colle di Buggiano, Pistoia is home to this very friendly cat.


cat in a window, Tuscany, Buggiano


Cat in a window, tuscany


cat in a tuscan window


Street in Colle di Buggiano, Tuscany


colle di Buggiano, Tuscany


I’m in love with the architecture pattern here in the matching Tuscan door and windows. They’re stunning! We just don’t seem to have them made like this anymore.

elaborate door and window, Tuscany



Buggiano is situated in the Valdinievole or Val di Nievole (Italian pronunciation: [ˈvaldiˈnjɛːvole] “Valley of the Nievole (River)”) an area in the south-west part of Pistoia, Tuscany, Italy.





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