Book: Le Dieci Castella – The 10 Castles – A Sneak Preview

Hi, I hope you are doing well.

I’m all excited here.  I’m at the final stages of making a stunning photography ebook to share with all my subscribers for free.   A 70-80 page photography journey through 10 enchanting villages that were once medieval castles.      I thought i’d give you a sneak preview into what is to come.


Le Dieci Castella The 10 Castles Book Front Page


Vellano Page from Book Le Dieci Castella




Tuscan Old Door Knob



Tuscan Window


Sorana in the Snow




Village of Aramo, Pescia, Tuscany


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I’m looking forward to sharing the rest with you.

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  1. Just discovered your website and really looking forward to the book. My husband was born in San Quirico and we spend our summers there so delighted to have found you.

    • TuscanyVillages :

      Hey Hazel, Nice to hear from you. Please let me know when you are here next, as I would love to meet you both. I’m currently researching the history of the villages here for future books. After this book, i’ll concentrate on Sorana, then the others in the area. I came across a WW2 photo that was taken in San Quirico during their occupation which I would like to use. You see the German soldier in the cover of this book? Its that one, however, what he is pointing at, I cant use as its an Italian; the photo is very strong. I know many of them were rounded up and sadly shot (20 italians to 1 german soldier killed by partizans). I was trying to find the location the other day but couldnt, so will head back and ask at the Circolo. Does your husband know much history? I’m looking for stories from families who live/lived here, vintage photos,etc and would appreciate any help. I’m doing blends from the past to present with old photos and mine… its fun. I’m to head off to live at the Library as there is a wealth of information there also… One way of learning the lingo well.. its all fun x

  2. Looks great Susan, well done!

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