Book: Le Dieci Castella – The 10 Castles – A Sneak Preview

Tuscan Old Door Knob

Hi, I hope you are doing well. I'm all excited here.  I'm at the final stages of making a stunning photography ebook to share with all my subscribers for free.   A 70-80 page photography journey through 10 enchanting villages that were once medieval castles.      I thought i'd give you a sneak preview into what is to ...continue reading

Enchanting Village Images

Sorana Donatella cellar

Look at all these cobwebs in this cellar...eeeek! 3 years ago the owner of this old house gave me wood that was stacked on those wooden racks in exchange for a photography job. I used to wheel my baby in her pushchair along a cobbled mule track to collect the ...continue reading

Festa of the Ham Sandwich/Sagra Del Panino Con Il Prosciutto

Marina Cafe Castelvecchio

Festa of the Ham Sandwich/Sagra Del Panino Con Il Prosciutto Every year the Misericordia, a volunteering serivce, holds a festa at the village of Castelvechio, Pescia in which to raise money.  Here are some photographs taken during the 2013 festival: ...continue reading

Lost in Translation – The Creep and I

My girls waiting

  Its a lazy Sunday afternoon, I'm brimming with excitement after just arriving back in town from a 3 night stay in Germany. Breezing out of the train station under blue Tuscan skies, welcoming birds sing whilst I dream of embracing my 2 beautiful daughters who eagerly await my return at home in our idyllic mountain village. ...continue reading

Lanciole – A Gruesome Statue in the Church

Gruesome Statue

This weekend I took my daughters to Lanciole, Pescia for a peaceful walk around ...continue reading

Posing Cat in Castelvecchio, Pescia

Cat posing in Castelvecchio

I came across  this very content cat who happily allowed  me to photograph him/her whilst he/she posed in the village of Castelvecchio in Pescia. ...continue reading

Enchanting Village Images 07

Green door, arch, tunnel

  Here's the next installment of enchanting Tuscany village images. These all were taken in the quiet and historical village of Stiappa, Pescia, in the Pistoia region: ...continue reading

Jason’s Story – A Journey of a Wedding Photographer in Tuscany

An image taken of a couple who married in Tuscany, Italy

  There were many reasons why my family and I moved to Italy in 2010 but one of the most important ones was so that our young daughter could experience the Italian way of life, a slower pace, a family orientated life and to appreciate a country of such beauty. Not only the beauty but the diversity. We live in Abruzzo in between the mountains and ...continue reading