Sagra del Beccutino

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Ladies serving Beccutini. Stiappa held its 35th festival of the Beccutino this summer, here are some of the images I captured.  Here is my post from last year‘s event   Beccutino … Read More

Fibbialla Village

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A wander around the village of Fibbialla. This morning I started my wonderful journey around Fibbialla at 7am in which to avoid the mid-day roasting sun.   I talked to some … Read More

Castelvecchio Village

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  This weekend I took some video of Castelvecchio and its surrounding woodland. Let me take you on a journey in video as I come across beautiful scenery, locals and what … Read More

Vellano Village

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This week I had a wander around the hill-top medieval village of Vellano in Pescia.  Here are some images I captured: This is part of a panoramic view from the … Read More

Motosport in the Valleriana

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  Its tranquil up in the Tuscan hills, except for motorsport days.   During a morning walk with my daughter in Castelvecchio, we heard rally cars passing through the village thus … Read More

Wisteria in Collodi

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Colourful wisteria at Collodi.  This village was home to the family of Carlo Collodi (1826 – 1890), writer of ‘The Adventures of Pinocchio’.     If you enjoyed this post … Read More

Spring has Sprung in Tuscany

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  21 colourful images showing signs of Spring in the medieval villages of Tuscany.                                 … Read More

Collecting logs from fallen trees

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Ever since the storm of 5th March 2015, logs from fallen trees have been stacked at the roadside.                     The good … Read More

Ferocious Wind Disturbs Restful Peace in Aramo

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 On the night of 5th March 2015, Italy was hit by a fierce storm causing widespread destruction.  Extremely high winds in Tuscany resulted in damage to property, power supplies, in some places … Read More

Castelvecchio travels back in Christmas time

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Twas the night before Christmas, and all through Castelvecchio (Pescia) the residents transported themselves back in time to celebrate the birth of Jesus.               … Read More

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